Life’s Greatest Moments Saved
with The Floral Preservation Co.

A Fast, Fun and Simple Way to Preserve Bouquets and Flowers
For All of Life's Wonderful Moments
From adorable dance recitals, prom night and awkward first dates to the day you said “I Do!”, 30-40-and-50ish birthdays and other remarkable celebrations, the best moments of your life can now be preserved and cherished with our new product line.

Just Strap, Zap & Mist!

Strap flower in between quick dry sheets
and boards. Tightly wrap together with the cord.

Microwave for :30 and press flower into desired shape. Repeat as needed.

Seal with finishing mist. Wait until dry and store in an album or frame.

Our Amazing Product Line

with everything you need to preserve and cherish all of life's floral moments!

Floral Preservation Kit
Everything You Need to Get Started!
Our very own do-it-yourself Floral Preservation Kit is a fast, fun and simple way to create treasured floral keepsakes using just your microwave! Who knew it would be so simple?

What We Do Differently
at The Floral Preservation Co.
Unlike traditional flower drying processes, The Floral Preservation Co. gives you the ability to preserve the form, beauty and color of all of your floral memories!

Check Out Our Videos
with President and CEO Teresa!
Whether you need some easy-to-follow tutorials, inspiration or helpful tips in preserving your own floral memories, we have you covered! Check out our video library often – as we are always adding to it!

Some Floral Inspiration
to See What You Can Do With Your Floral Memories
From dimensional masterful collages to stunning befores and afters, we're always adding to our inspiration gallery. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @FloralPreservationCo as well!


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